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Shepard Fairey - While Supplies Last - 2022 - Screen Print xx/500 - Signed


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Title:  While Supplies Last.

Dimensions:  24 x 12 inches.

Medium:  Screen print on thick cream Speckletone paper.

Year:  2022.

Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 500.


"The “While Supplies Last” print is a combination of several approaches to image making that I enjoy, and also find versatile and impactful. I have worked in modular ways utilizing repetition for both practical and conceptual reasons. I like the soothing repetition of patterns while I also see them as a pleasing decorative device to balance the more confrontational nature of some of my messages. Flowers have been consistent motifs in my work as symbols of positive growth and harmony. Humor is also a way I deliver challenging statements. “While Supplies Last” employs all of those approaches to basically convey the idea that things like flowers that we mostly take for granted will be sorely missed when the scorched planet will no longer grow them. Of course, the concept extends much further than just flowers, but flowers are a pretty universally relatable symbol. Whatever you treasure from nature, protect it so their supply is renewable."




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