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Mr. Brainwash - Jailhouse Pop Small SET OF 5- Black/Blue/Pink/Diamond Dust/Silver - 2019



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Title:  Jailhouse Pop (Small, SET OF 5- Black/Blue/Pink/Diamond Dust/Silver)

Artist:  Mr. Brainwash

Edition:  Limited Edition Screen print, each screen print is signed and numbered, with a thumb print on the back.

Black Splash:  Edition of 50
Pink Splash:  Edition of 50
Blue Splash:  Edition of 50
Silver Splash:  Edition of 15
Diamond Dust:  Edition of 50

Type:  One color screen prints hand finished with acrylic paint and one color screen print with diamond dust on archival paper

Size:  24" x 22"

Notes:  Art and music collide with a new edition print series featuring the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.  In honor of keeping Elvis’s legacy alive, Mr. Brainwash has remastered the classic icon on paper for a new series of prints.

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