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Alec Monopoly - Hand Finished Spaceman Richie Figurine - 2023



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Material: Painted Cast Vinyl

Dimensions: 12"

Edition:  250


Introducing Alec Monopoly’s “Space Man Richie”, the debut Art Collectible created exclusively for his “Rags to Richie” NFT Community, this intricately made Art Figure is set to redefine the boundaries of Phygital Art.

Based on Rags to Richie’s "Legendary" Space Man Richie character, and adorned with the iconic Rags to Richie logo stamped on his foot, this unique release bridges the gap between Web3 and Blue Chip Art. Dig deeper into Space Man Richie with esteemed Director An Le’s animated short film introducing the character.

Space Man Richie comes packaged in an outer box meticulously designed by Alec himself, that pays homage to Andy Warhol's iconic Brillo Box, and doubles as a complimentary artwork that can be exhibited alongside the Richie figure.

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